Pictures of the MS Roll 98

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-- Min

Marathon Route Picture Legend

  • Blue Dot = Start and Finish, at Chelsea Piers
  • Pink Line = route, read clockwise
  • Numbers = indicates where picture # was taken

This map taken from Mapquest and modified for personal use.

1. At Chelsea Piers, some of the cruise boats in the background. Avid women inline skaters in the front. :)
2. Registration booths to take your pledge money away. Wah!
3. Soooo many rollerbladers, so small an area. Hope you don't need to go to the bathroom...
4. People in front of me...So many people to push out of my way! Yeah, right
5. More of the starting lineup. 26.2 milers out to the front (far left), and 13- and 8- milers to the rear (back right to rear).
6. Not Bob Barker, but a host for the event. There were hosts from the NYC MS chapter as well as representatives from the Chelsea Piers (where the event started and ended) as well as some from the local sponsoring radio station.
7. Another person who was recording the events of the day. Somehow I didn't think he was going to haul that camera around, but he dusted me around the Lincoln Tunnel... :P
8. The crowd, on the pitch...and moving.
9. Still moving. Going up West End Avenue towards the Lincoln Tunnel.
10. At the tunnel entrance. Are we going the wrong way?!? 2,000 skaters can't be all wrong...I think.
11. Well, who reads those traffic signs anyways. Entering the tunnel zone. Picking up some speed here...yikes!
12. In the heart of the tunnel, you can see the light flash before your eyes. Or is it my camera's flashbulb? A 13-miler takes the lead over me in my tourist picture-crazed state of affairs.
13. The 'specially designed jersey for the 'specially good at solicting donations. Silver for 250 dollars and up in fundraising. I should have been more adamant in getting my justly deserved silver jersey. Ah, I thought the black was more stylish!
14. My jacket participates in a runaway shot of the New York New Jersey border. The "New" is the "New" of "New Jersey".
15. Made it out of the tunnel. This is probably around the 4 mile mark. I see some people have stopped to take off helmets for a second. They probably rented them from the event staff.
16. About 12 miles in. The first rest stop at the bottom of the big hill. Although you wouldn't know that if you hadn't skated the route before.
17. The darn big uphill. About 1 mile or so of this. The center of the picture is the horizon line, so we're heading up a pretty steep grade.
18. The George Washington bridge at around 10:30 am. It's about mile 14, I'm guessing.
19. Another view of the city from the George Washington Bridge, looking south.
20. Skating down NYC Riverside and West End Avenue are pretty routine for me, so no pictures of that. Back at Chelsea Piers for lunch and a special performance of the Spice Girls on inlines. Well, Chelsea's skating instructors, anyways.

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