Princeton Trip (12 May 2001)

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Carl invited many people to go to Princeton. This was the first Saturday after the semester rush. We were going to both make a tour of campus as well as to eat the best food has to offer. Smara took mostly portrait pictures of nice views of Princeton, so I didn't use my camera a lot to take many photos.

You can find more of the photos that I did manage to take in the Flowers gallery. This comes from when we visited the Princeton flower garden somewhere near the center of campus briefly.

For lunch we trekked across campus from the Dinky stop to get to Nassau street and eventually to Hoagie Haven, Carl's most beloved eating establishment on campus. One of the latest stores to close, there is always a line for food here. It is a very busy store, reminiscent of H and H Bagels on 81st street, but with a much nicer aroma. For 6 dollars you can get a 14 inch Cheesesteak hoagie sandwich and a drink to go along with it. Carl's unsure of what makes them so good, but we all have our guesses (mine is that the Italian bread is so soft, but when toasted is crunchy on the outside). Okay, I'm hungry again.

After picnicing we visited the new Frist student center and toured the Priceton flower garden and the art museum. The museum is a fairly large building but in spite of that seemed particularly crowded with objects (especially the basement floor with ancient artifacts). In the modern art portion of the musuem (upstairs) we found a painting by de Kooenig entitled Black Friday, which is incidentally a very bleak picture. At the Computer Science Department, "Black Friday" is the name of a meeting between the faculty to discuss the "progress" of their doctoral students. Black Friday can result in students being reprimanded or terminated from the department if suitable progress is not made. The "eponymous" painting seemed to mirror the harrowing experiences students face during and after the meeting. We had to get a picture of it. Luckily the guard said that paintings can be photographed if the flash is turned off, and so we tried to photograph it. Smara's camera had an automatic flash that couldn't be turned off so we had to use my camera, which ended up running out of battery power right before I could take the picture. It was as if the painting didn't want to be photographed. But after waiting around a couple minutes for the battery to recharge, I finally was able to take the picture.

The "Black Friday" meeting is held in the department on Thursdays, not Friday as the name would lead you to believe. Likewise the trip to Princeton was on a Saturday, not Friday, so there's something else to think about (+/- 1 day).

Art made us hungry and it was time to hit the other culinary cornerstone of the tour. We went to Halo Pub, an ice cream shop to finish off our already full stomaches. I got a large scoop of chocolate, Reena took a chocolate with strawberries variation, Carl went with his favorite, Cookies and Cream, Smara and Maria shared Cherry Vanilla. Dave, who couldn't put down a scoop of ice cream, opted to be adventurous and have a milkshake instead.

We ended up passing down Nassau street again to visit Einstein's house, which Dave knew about. It wasn't in great shape, so no one had much to say. It wasn't even marked, surprisingly. A quick trek to back towards campus and we started seeing storm clouds rushing in. While we were in the Wa to pick up water (we were all too thirsty from the ice cream), it started pouring outside. We had a quick 100-yard dash from the Wa to the Dinky station before settling on the train to home. | | All pictures and text are © copyrighted 1996-2001 by Min-Yen Kan | Generated on: Tue Jan 1 22:56:03 2002